Volume 25
  —  2021
Number 3
May 2021
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Growth of radius and estimation of crown-rump length and crown-heel length based on osteometry on the diaphysis of human fetal radius
Pages 255
 - 268
Vertical symmetry of external auditory meatus and its relationship with the occlusal plane
Pages 269
 - 274
Investigation of the morphometry and variations of the biceps brachii muscle ın fetal cadavers
Pages 275
 - 283
Evidence of ZIO positive Langerhans cell: a dendritic cell subset in normal and polypoid nasal mucosa
Pages 285
 - 292
The medial arm fasciocutaneous flap: a wasted alternative?
Pages 293
 - 300
A different perspective on the styloid process morphometry
Pages 301
 - 310
Morphology and morphometry of the deltoid region applied to intramuscular injections
Pages 311
 - 323
Histological and biochemical alterations in the livers of rats treated with MSCs and placental extract against Doxorubicin as chemotherapy
Pages 325
 - 338
Metabolic activities and cytokeratin-7 (CK7) expression in gossypol induced hepatotoxicity treated with aqueous extract of Phoenix dactylifera in rat model
Pages 339
 - 349
Patent processus vaginalis in Vietnamese adults who underwent laparoscopic transperitoneal surgery
Pages 351
 - 358
Toxic effects of aluminium on testis in presence of ethanol coexposure
Pages 359
 - 367
Anatomy of the right retro-portal lamina
Pages 369
 - 376
Ultrastructure of the anterior lens capsule and epithelium in cataracts associated with granulomatosis with polyangiitis
Pages 377
 - 380
Following Michelangelo’s art and the power of clinical observation: David sign and David goiter
Pages 381
 - 384
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