Volume 25
  —  2021
Number 2
March 2021
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Meningeal lymphatic vessels: their morphology, location, and clinical implications
Pages 109
 - 115
Morphometrics of the stapedius muscle: A systematic review of cadaveric studies
Pages 117
 - 124
Morphometry of abductor pollicis longus relevant to surgical reconstruction of hand
Pages 125
 - 133
Evaluation of the effect of n-hexane extract of Leptadenia hastata on the histomorphology of the liver in streptozotocin induced diabetic Wistar rat
Pages 135
 - 143
The effect of corn silk, as a hypoglycemic, on the congenital malformations caused by diabetes in mice: A morphological study
Pages 145
 - 158
Histological evaluation of L-arginine-mediated exocrine pancreatic injury in rats and the potential implication of the probiotic (Lactobacillus Acidophilus)
Pages 159
 - 178
Ponticulus Posticus prevalence in Uruguayan population: dry bone and cervical CT imaging
Pages 179
 - 185
Origin and branching pattern of external carotid artery - a cadaveric study
Pages 187
 - 196
Influence of each hesperidin and insulin on diabetes-induced testicular alterations in adult albino rats
Pages 197
 - 210
Anatomical study of the external pudendal artery at the anatomy laboratory of Bamako
Pages 211
 - 221
Evaluation of the therapeutic role of stem cells in experimental acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity in adult male albino rat
Pages 223
 - 239
The anatomic study of extracranial structures related to tuberculum pharyngeum
Pages 241
 - 246
Rare variant of hepatic arterial supply: a cadaveric case report with a literature review
Pages 247
 - 251
In regard to “Unusual case of absence of suprascapular notch and foramen”
Pages 253
 - 254
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