Volume 27
  —  2023
Number 6
November 2023
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
The role of thymus graft on the onset of puberty in juvenile male rats
Pages 655
 - 661
Cephalometric radiograph-based approach for sex determination using maxillary sinus index in Surabaya, Indonesia
Pages 663
 - 668
Assessment of reproductive toxicity of Cyfluthrin and Pestban either individually or combined in adult male albino rats
Pages 669
 - 685
The behavior of adrenal progenitor stem cells in response to chronic stress and recovery
Pages 687
 - 704
Comparative assessment of the morphology and antigenicity of human osteochondral units using formalin and coagulant fixatives
Pages 705
 - 716
Prevalence of Morton’s toe and assessment of the associated risk factors: a cross-sectional study
Pages 717
 - 722
Is there a change in ischiofemoral space in lateral position in comparison to supine
Pages 723
 - 728
Morphometric analysis of cavitas glenoidalis with multidedector CT
Pages 729
 - 739
Logistic regression analysis of sex-related morphological and dimensional variations of maxillary bone: a cone-beam computed tomography-based retrospective study
Pages 741
 - 758
Parahiatal hernia: A rare type of hernia and the answer to an anatomical challenge
Pages 759
 - 765
Absence of musculocutaneous nerve associated with the presence of an accessory head of the biceps brachii muscle: report of a bilateral case and its clinical implications
Pages 767
 - 772
Effectiveness of mind mapping as compared to didactic lectures for teaching anatomy among first-year medical students - A randomized control study
Pages 773
 - 781
Macroscopic study of the collection of human fetuses from Granada University
Pages 783
 - 787
Academic benefits of using cadaveric material in health sciences education: Report of an experience
Pages 789
 - 798
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