Volume 25
  —  2021
Number 6
November 2021
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Measurement of heart chambers and mediastinal vascular structures on raw axial chest MDCT in the pediatric age group
Pages 633
 - 644
Assessment of lateral lingual foramen using cone-beam computed tomography
Pages 645
 - 652
Comparative study of the length of human laryngeal nerves and their variations: functional and clinical considerations
Pages 653
 - 663
Age-related changes of the tongue and Weber’s salivary glands in male albino mice: A histopathological and morphometric study
Pages 665
 - 674
Development of the cerebellum vermis: A morphometric study on second trimester fetuses
Pages 675
 - 681
Topographic arrangement of flexor digitorum superficialis tendons in the carpal tunnel and their relationship to the median nerve with regards to its neuropathy
Pages 683
 - 691
Effects of mondia whitei on the morphometry and histological structure of the testis of the albino rat
Pages 693
 - 704
Clinical Significance and Radiological Evaluation of Crista Galli: A CBCT Study
Pages 705
 - 711
Kaempferol protects the tongue in experimentally induced diabetic rats: a histological and immunohistochemical study
Pages 713
 - 722
Anatomical study of the anterolateral perforators of the thigh and its clinical applications
Pages 723
 - 734
A rare case of os paratrapezium
Pages 735
 - 738
‘Y’ shaped gallbladder associated with accessory cystic and hepatic arteries
Pages 739
 - 744
Coverage of anatomical discoveries in the Dutch-speaking popular press
Pages 745
 - 747
The Relevance of Terminologia Anatomica and the Federative International Programme of Anatomical Terminology (FIPAT)
Pages 749
 - 751
Author Index to Volume 25, 2021
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