Volume 26
  —  2022
Number 1
January 2022
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
The coronary sinus and adjacent structures in human adult hearts: morphometrical cadaveric anatomy
Pages 3
 - 17
Neuropeptide S coexist with neuromodulators and presumptive neurotransmitter in the neurons of the ganglionated plexuses of the human gallbladder
Pages 19
 - 31
Surgical anatomy of the tricuspid valve
Pages 33
 - 41
Applications of Sumach extract in reduction of male reproductive parameters damages following morphine administration through down-regulated apoptotic genes, antioxidants regulation, and inflammatory markers suppression
Pages 43
 - 55
Possible protective role of L-thyroxin on the parotid gland of adult male albino rat in carbimazole induced hypothyroidism: histological, histomorphometry and ultrastructural study
Pages 57
 - 72
Impact of a multimodal anatomy CPD course on intravenous cannulation skills – An Irish radiographers and radiation therapists’ perspective
Pages 73
 - 86
Effects of omega-3 fatty acids and CoQ10 on gross morphology of intervertebral discs subjected to immobilization
Pages 87
 - 93
Possible ameliorative effects of pentoxifylline on cisplatin-induced ototoxicity in rats: a study with hearing test, light, and scanning electron microscopy
Pages 95
 - 106
Kahoot!’s contribution to immediate learning feedback for anatomy students
Pages 107
 - 116
An unusual case of quadruple polyorchidism in a human cadaver mimicking bilateral lipoma
Pages 117
 - 131
A new student-led dissection approach to the glenohumeral joint
Pages 133
 - 143
Anatomy and the future: opportunities as translational science
Pages 145
 - 147
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