European Journal of Anatomy

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Cover Volume 2 - Number 2
Eur J Anat, 2 (2): 109-114 (1998)

Cryopreservation can induce transitory changes in the morphology and differentiation markers of rhabdomyosarcoma cells

C. Melguizo1, J. Prados1, J.A. Marchal2, N. Arena3, E. Carrillo2, L. Álvarez2 and A. Aránega2

l.-Department of Health Sciences and Clinical Psychology, University of Almería, 04002 Almería, Spain2.-Department of Morphological Sciences, Basic Cardiovascular Research Section, School of Medicine, Univer­sity of Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain3.-Histology Institute, School of Medicine, University of Degli Studi di Sassari, 07100 Sassari, Italy

ABSTRACT Weinvestigated whether cryopreservation rnodi­ fíes the biochemical and morphological parame­ ters of diffcrentiarion (creatine kinase isocnzy­ mes and desmin and vimentin molecules) in rhabdomyosarcorna cells, used as an experirnen­ tal model to analyse myogenic differenriation rnechanísrns. Following cryopreservation of two rhabdomyosarcorna cell lines (A-673 and A-204) using DMSO, the analyses revealed changes in thc expression of differentiation markers over the firsr three days of culture lncreases in the expression of crearme kinase-MM and crearme kinase-Mls fractions and in desmin were accorn­ panied by a decrease in virnentin and creatine kinase-Bls cxpressíon in both rhabdornyosarco­ ma cell lines. l lowever, no modifications were Iound in the sarne period when glycerol was used lO cryopreserve rhe cells. On rhe fourth day" of culture after cryopreservation with D~ISO anormal pauern of expression of rhese molccules was found. Our analyses demonstrate that the cryopreservation procedure may modify the degree of differentiation in rhabdornyosarcoma cells and suggcsr (har (his effecr may be induced by DM O. These results are of interest to those\Vorking \Virh myogenic cells. in particular rhose srudying diffcrenriarion mechanisms.

Keywords: Myogenic differenriarion - crearine kinase isoenzyme - intermediate filaments - rhabdomyosarcoma cells

European Journal of anatomy
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