European Journal of Anatomy

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Cover Volume 24 - Number 6
Eur J Anat, 24 (6): 519-521 (2020)

Embryological basis of coarctation in cervical aortic arch: Ductus caroticus anomaly

Sudesh Prabhu1, Siddhant Mehra1, Shreesha Maiya2, Colin John1

1Dept of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bengaluru, India2Dept of Paediatric Cardiology, Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bengaluru, India

ABSTRACT Coarctation of the cervical aortic arch (CAA), though rare, is a clinical entity of embryological significance. Based on Rathke‚??s aortic arch dia-grams and Edward‚??s concept of functioning double aortic arch, we are postulating that the coarctation in a CAA occurs due to partial involution of the dor-sal aorta developed from the ‚??ductus caroticus‚?Ě. Hence coarctation in CAA should be classified as a ‚??clinically significant aortic arch anomaly of ductus caroticus origin‚?Ě. Conversely, location of coarctation in CAA substantiates the theory that embryogenesis of CAA is due to aortic arch devel-opment from the third or second branchial arch vessel, rather than the usual fourth arch vessel.

Keywords: Cervical aortic arch ‚?? Coarctation ‚?? Ductus caroticus anomaly ‚?? Rathke‚??s aortic arch diagram

European Journal of anatomy
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