European Journal of Anatomy

Official Journal of The Spanish Society of Anatomy
Cover Volume 14 - Number 1
Eur J Anat, 14 (1): 43-47 (2010)

Anomalies of the craniovertebral junction ?? a very rare case report

Reena Agrawal1, Suba Ananthi1, Sanjeeb Agrawal2

1Department of Anatomy, Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute, Meenakshi University, Enathur, Kancheepuram - 631552 Tamil Nadu, India, 2 Aarthi scans, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

ABSTRACT A very rare case of anomalies of the craniovertebral junction (CVJ) is reported owing to its clinical significance and rarity. MRI and CT scan studies of the CVJ of a 52-year-old female patient revealed a hypoplastic clivus, an occipital vertebra, partial occipitalization of the atlas and atlas posterior rachischisis. The presence of an occipital vertebra and occipitalization of the atlas in the same case has not been reported previously. The signs and symptoms of CVJ abnormalities are varied, typically begin insidiously, and arise fairly late, progress slowly, remain stationary and rarely relapse. Congenital and developmental osseous abnormalities and anomalies affecting the craniovertebral junction complex can result in neural compression and vascular compromise and may manifest with abnormal cerebrospinal fluid dynamics. An understanding of the development of the craniovertebral junction is essential for the recognition of pathological abnormalities.

Keywords: Craniovertebral junction, Clivus, Vertebra, Rachischisis

European Journal of anatomy
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