Volume 27
  —  2023
Number 5
September 2023
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Lycopene attenuates oxidative stress, apoptosis, and biochemical fluctuations induced by bisphenol A in the kidney of rats
Pages 529
 - 540
Pancreatic beta cell regenerative effect of Costus pictus D Don leaf extracts on streptozotocin induced diabetes on Wistar rats
Pages 541
 - 546
Role of mesenchymal stem cells and taurine in chronic pancreatitis in adult albino rats
Pages 547
 - 560
A cluster of dysmorphologies in a male human body: The value of anatomical variants in health sciences student training
Pages 561
 - 570
Tibial vascular grooves: ambulatory physical activity and overall muscle activation
Pages 571
 - 579
Morphological integration and modularity of the human hand
Pages 581
 - 585
Topographic morphometry of the pineal gland of the rat. A 24-hours period, light-dark cycle and seasonal study
Pages 587
 - 599
Possible protective role of neutraceuticals in chronic intervertebral disc degeneration – A histological study
Pages 601
 - 611
Neurophobia: The inconvenient truth
Pages 613
 - 629
The unfamiliar entity in an unfamiliar location - Stafne bone cavity (Ramus variant)
Pages 631
 - 636
Ascending pharyngeal artery supplying the posterior inferior cerebellar artery via the hypoglossal canal with preserved anastomosis to the vertebral artery: a rare variant of the persistent hypoglossal artery
Pages 637
 - 642
Learning anatomy through dissection: emotional influence on the first-year medical student: a systematic review
Pages 643
 - 649
SynDaver®: as a tool for anatomical teaching and medical education
Pages 651
 - 652
SynDaver®: as a tool for anatomical teaching?
Pages 653
 - 654
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