Volume 26
  —  2022
Number 6
November 2022
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Morphometry of extensors of the thumb with comprehensive review
Pages 605
 - 614
Modification of alprazolam-induced liver injury by bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and the role of miRNA-192
Pages 615
 - 633
Determining nail consistency by quantification of type I keratins
Pages 635
 - 643
Microstructural evidence of reversal of PCOS by steroidal saponins of asparagus racemosus in PCOS induced rats
Pages 645
 - 657
Effect of carnosine on ovarian follicle in rats exposed to electromagnetic field
Pages 659
 - 668
An exploratory study on the presence of sensory nerves in the caudal part of the trapezius
Pages 669
 - 677
Morphometry of the harvestable surface area of quadriceps tendon using a simple tracing method: A common ACL autograft
Pages 679
 - 690
Morinda lucida and Annona muricata reduced hepatic lipid peroxidation and promoted melatonin/TNFα/p53-mediated apoptosis in sodium arsenite-induced toxicity in rats
Pages 691
 - 702
Retromolar canal: a classic analysis with CBCT in South Indian population
Pages 703
 - 708
The anatomical variations of the hepatic veins in a South African sample
Pages 709
 - 719
Insight into Vietnamese women’s internal iliac artery anatomy
Pages 721
 - 729
A cross sectional study on the online teaching strategies of gross anatomy and histology during the COVID-19 pandemic periods
Pages 731
 - 742
Author Index to Volume 26, 2022
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