Volume 26
  —  2022
Number 2
March 2022
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
From theory to practice: what did the students learn in an anatomy pedagogy course?
Pages 149
 - 157
Human portal system morphometry based on 3D computer aided modelling
Pages 159
 - 166
The neuroglia of the rat optic nerve. Part I. Golgi-Hortega and Golgi-EM studies
Pages 167
 - 177
The neuroglia of the optic nerve. Part II. Fractal morphometry of astrocytes
Pages 179
 - 187
Bone marrow quality in chemically prepared dogs
Pages 189
 - 197
Young coconut juice increased number of calbindin and vitamin D receptor cells via estrogen receptors in gastrointestinal tract of orchidectomized rats
Pages 199
 - 216
Neuroprotective effect of beta-D-glucan polysaccharide on hyperglycaemia-induced cerebral injury in diabetic animal model
Pages 217
 - 224
Formaldehyde and anti-fertility: correlation between testicular cytoarchitecture and semen analysis
Pages 225
 - 229
Human unilateral bifid coronoid process – Report of a rare accidental radiographic finding
Pages 231
 - 236
The orobasal organ of Ackerknecht in a male body donor: A case report
Pages 237
 - 239
First detailed musculoskeletal study of a fetus with scoliosis and review of current literature
Pages 241
 - 249
Median nerve entrapment by variant anatomical structures
Pages 251
 - 262
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