Volume 27
  —  2023
Number 1
January 2023
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Histomorphological and histomorphometric changes in the testes of male Wistar rats following prepubertal exposure to caffeine
Pages 3
 - 10
Evaluation of mandibular incisive canal and mental foramen in Turkish population by conical beam computed tomography
Pages 11
 - 23
Ubiquity and attribution of Haller cells – A CBCT study
Pages 25
 - 32
Cadherins and catenins as a novel theoretical mechanism in a polyorchid cadaver
Pages 33
 - 46
Myocardial bridge over coronary arteries and myocardial coat lining coronary sinus: clinical implications
Pages 47
 - 56
Anatomical study of pulmonary fissures
Pages 57
 - 65
Structural and functional deficits of the hippocampus in hydrocephalic rats: the role of age at onset and duration of disease
Pages 67
 - 79
Comparative analysis of neurophysiological studies in the diagnosis of bulbar syndrome in patients with Chiari malformation Type 1
Pages 81
 - 89
Rats kidney morphological particularities and functions post-treatment with vernonia amygdalina extract and low-dose lead acetate
Pages 91
 - 102
Significance of foetal autopsy in diagnosis of VACTERL association
Pages 103
 - 110
The electron microscope on the eve of its first centenary
Pages 111
 - 127
Mixed reality model for learning and teaching in anatomy using peer assisted learning approach
Pages 129
 - 138
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