Volume 26
  —  2022
Number 5
September 2022
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
The height of the sinuses of Valsalva depending on anthropometric data among Ukrainian population
Pages 487
 - 494
MO11 and MS06 ameliorated cadmium chloride-induced neuro-inflammation, hyperplasia and apoptosis via NF-kB/Caspase-3/p53 pathway and down-regulated sVEGFR in rats
Pages 495
 - 508
Potential benefits of dihydroartemisinin in suppression of dexamethasone induced osteoporosis, osteoclast formation and RANKL induced signaling pathways in adult female albino rat
Pages 509
 - 521
Is there a relationship between sella turcica calcification and thyroid cartilage calcification? A random study using lateral cephalometric radiography
Pages 523
 - 531
The outcome of ketogenic diets on the liver and the protecting role of atorvastatin: A histological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study
Pages 533
 - 549
Anatomical variants of the uterine artery: 214 angiotomographies
Pages 551
 - 557
Variant septation of the sphenoid sinus in adult Nigerians: CT study
Pages 559
 - 565
Cadaveric study of morphology of caudate lobe of the liver in North Indian population
Pages 567
 - 575
Presence of duodenal diverticula in cadaveric study
Pages 577
 - 582
A1-A2 anterior cerebral artery fenestration. A case report of a rare anatomical variant
Pages 583
 - 587
Perceptions of students and teachers about traditional and active didactic strategies in a veterinary anatomy course
Pages 589
 - 597
Online assessment vs Traditional assessment: perception of medical teachers in a tertiary level teaching hospital in South India
Pages 599
 - 603
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