Volume 28
  —  2024
Number 3
May 2024
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Anatomic study of flexor carpi ulnaris and brachioradialis muscles and their implication in reconstructive surgeries
Pages 275
 - 282
The possible protective role of vitamin C on rat parotid gland exposed to mobile phone radiation
Pages 283
 - 296
Transpalpebral transorbital endoscopic lateral approach to the middle cranial fossa: anatomical study in cadaver
Pages 297
 - 305
Prevalence of accessory carpal ossicles - a CT-based survey
Pages 307
 - 314
A cone beam computed tomographic study on foramen transversarium
Pages 315
 - 321
Increased mucous cell population and modulation of Bax/Bcl-2 factors characterize in vivo gastroprotective activity of Cissampelos owariensis in rats
Pages 323
 - 330
Morphometric analysis of the mastoid process using cone beam computed tomography
Pages 331
 - 337
Effect of oxytocin receptor antagonist (GSK-221-149-A) on mandibular bone porosity in peri-menopausal rats
Pages 339
 - 349
A study of macrodontia of the permanent maxillary central incisors among Delta State University students in Abraka, Nigeria
Pages 351
 - 355
The relationship of medial sigmoid depression and sigmoid notch morphology with vertical and sagittal growth patterns in Turkish population
Pages 357
 - 364
Expression analysis of leptin in nephrogenesis and renal carcinogenesis
Pages 365
 - 372
The relationship between optic nerve and Onodi cells on CT scan
Pages 373
 - 379
Aberrant origin of the left vertebral artery: clinical case and scientific literature
Pages 381
 - 384
Labial ankyloglossia - a case report on fusion of frenums
Pages 385
 - 388
The utility of soft-preservation in Medical Education: Current trends & future directions
Pages 389
 - 398
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