Volume 27
  —  2023
Number 2
March 2023
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Disparity in coronary artery dimensions in diabetic and non-diabetic population undergoing quantitative coronary angiography in South India: a 2-year prospective analysis
Pages 139
 - 146
Flatfoot in the neglected age group of adolescents
Pages 147
 - 154
Variations in branching pattern of middle cerebral artery using CT angiography in South Indian population
Pages 155
 - 164
Morphometric analysis of the optic canal and the superior orbital fissure in a Brazilian sample – study in CT scans
Pages 165
 - 170
Evaluating the features of interdigital neuroma using 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging
Pages 171
 - 180
Association between the sinus of Valsalva height and biometric parameters in patients with Marfan syndrome associated with aortic root aneurysm
Pages 181
 - 189
Postulating a pathophysiological association between hallux valgus and plantar venous thrombosis through cadaveric dissections – Geometric measurements pedobarographic and phlebology correlates and literature review
Pages 191
 - 200
Polygastric flexor muscle of the index finger and its clinical implications
Pages 201
 - 207
A unique case of combined variations of the cystic artery and biliary tree complicating the management of acute cholecystitis
Pages 209
 - 212
Congenital hand malformations in an anatomical donor: a potential case of brachydactyly type B
Pages 213
 - 218
Identities and experiences of Anatomists
Pages 219
 - 235
Enhancing the Embryology teaching-learning experience in the medical curriculum: a faculty & student lookout
Pages 237
 - 246
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