Volume 28
  —  2024
Number 4
July 2024
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Enhancing surgical expertise: 3D anatomy’s role in residency programs
Pages 399
 - 414
The effect of ethanolic extract of Moringa oleifera leaves on sperm parameters in 4G-cellphone-EMR exposed rats
Pages 415
 - 422
The anatomical descriptive pattern of the greater occipital nerve in identified Brazilian cadavers and its clinical implications for scalp anesthesia and migraine treatment
Pages 423
 - 429
Sensory nerve formations in the myodural bridge complex of adult humans
Pages 431
 - 435
Effects of chlorophytum borivilianum extract against high-fat diet-induced obesity in male Wistar albino rats
Pages 437
 - 446
Variations of the human hyoid bone and its clinical implications
Pages 447
 - 453
Enhanced visualization of articular cartilage chondroprogenitor-derived extracellular vesicles using cytospin centrifugation for confocal imaging
Pages 455
 - 462
A detailed look in radioanatomical aspects of ligamentum arteriosum calcification in pediatric population
Pages 463
 - 470
Clinical reflection of anatomical evaluation in coccydynia
Pages 471
 - 478
Effects of endurance resistance exercise on knee joint cartilages in young male rats – a randomized controlled trial
Pages 479
 - 485
Investigating the volume of hippocampus and corpus callosum in Iranian multiple sclerosis patients using magnetic resonance imaging: a retrospective study
Pages 487
 - 494
Variations in pelvic floor thickness in relation to bony dimensions in South African women: using computed tomography scans
Pages 495
 - 503
Unilateral optic nerve aplasia associated with microphthalmia: a rare cadaveric report
Pages 505
 - 509
Luschka’s tubercle and snapping scapula syndrome: an anatomical and clinical discourse
Pages 511
 - 515
Computed-tomography assessment of the lumbar spine body/canal index and review of the literature
Pages 517
 - 524
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