Volume 27
  —  2023
Number 4
July 2023
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Gross congenital abnormalities induced by leflunomide in mice embryos
Pages 375
 - 381
Variations in corpus and ramus measurements based on gonial angles in adult complete dentate mandibles
Pages 383
 - 394
Anatomy of the buccal fat pad for structures at risk during bichatectomy
Pages 395
 - 400
Morphology of carotid sinus wall under the influence of monosodium glutamate and following its withdrawal: an experimental study
Pages 401
 - 415
Deep femoral artery branching by MDCT in a Turkish population and its potential clinical implications
Pages 417
 - 435
Long-term supplementation with young coconut juice help prevent bone loss of orchidectomized rats by increasing connectivity density, percentage bone volume and osteoblast-/osteocyte-(ERα-/ERβ-) immunoreactive cells of the L5 vertebra and femur
Pages 437
 - 454
Examination of the cross-sectional area of the carpal tunnel on fetal cadavers
Pages 455
 - 461
Lawsonia inermis and para-phenylenediamine exerts an insidious effect on the epidermal, renal, and hepatic tissue with repeated application: a histological and morphometrical study
Pages 463
 - 474
Measuring low formaldehyde exposure values in the dissection hall after embalming human body donors with ethanol-based fixation methods
Pages 475
 - 491
Congenital cervical teratoma – an amalgamation of embryology with clinical findings
Pages 493
 - 496
The clinical and operative impact of the hexafurcation of the celiac trunk - Report of an extremely rare case
Pages 497
 - 502
Analysis of the use of human remains as teaching materials in higher education: examining differing opinions between population subgroups
Pages 503
 - 516
Bibliometric and visualized analysis of global research on technology in anatomy education from 1987 to 2021
Pages 517
 - 528
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