Volume 26
  —  2022
Number 4
July 2022
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
Pages 369
 - 369
Dimension variability of the M2 human molar teeth: comparisons between prehistoric and medieval samples
Pages 371
 - 386
Immunolocalization of intermediate filaments in the kidney of the dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarius)
Pages 387
 - 397
Radiographic assessment of maxillary sinus lateral wall and anatomy of posterior superior alveolar artery: A Cone-Beam Computed Tomographic
Pages 399
 - 408
Insulin improves ovarian function during the ovarian cycle in adult mice
Pages 409
 - 415
Prevalence of styloid process elongation on digital panoramic radiography in South India population from Chengalpet district
Pages 417
 - 423
A study on the effects of ageing on mandibular morphology: A digital radiographic assessment
Pages 425
 - 432
Reversion of neuronal differentiation induced in human adipose-derived stem cells
Pages 433
 - 441
Micro-CT to study and reconstruct fetal and infant coronary arteries: a pilot study on a novel post-mortem technique
Pages 443
 - 447
A retrospective study on the need of deriving ultrasonographical fetal gestational nomograms for fetal biometric parameters in the population of Udaipur Region
Pages 449
 - 455
Bizygomatic distance as a predictor of age and sex determination: a morphometric analysis using cone beam computed tomography
Pages 457
 - 463
Self-reported anatomy skills among Norwegian physicians - Need for improved postgraduate teaching provision
Pages 465
 - 476
A review of the importance of research in Anatomy, an evidence-based science
Pages 477
 - 486
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