Volume 28
  —  2024
Number 1
January 2024
ISSN 2340-311X (Online)
The relationship between body mass index and lower extremity biomechanics in children aged 10-12 years: a comprehensive analysis
Pages 3
 - 11
Decellularized fetal collagen exhibits chondroinductive potential for bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells by enhancing glycosaminoglycan production
Pages 13
 - 23
Testicular morphometry and epididymal sperm qualities of donkeys in Bolgatanga, Ghana
Pages 25
 - 31
Morphometric analysis of distal femur through MRI in Turkish population and review of the literature
Pages 33
 - 42
Insulin improves spermatogenesis in a mouse model of aging
Pages 43
 - 51
Histopathology and ultrastructural alterations in gastric mucus-secreting cells in diabetic model rats
Pages 53
 - 62
Three-dimensional characterization of zygomatic arch morphology and its relation to the articular eminence in a Brazilian population
Pages 63
 - 75
Characterization of the histological changes in ovaries of Goto-Kakizaki diabetic rats
Pages 77
 - 81
The first report of using endoscopy to evaluate the structure of the internal nasal valve and the measurement of internal nasal valve angle value in Vietnamese people
Pages 83
 - 90
Ossification pursue of the lower ends of radius and ulna and age determination in a sample of Egyptian population between 12 and 19 years
Pages 91
 - 101
Exit point of the external nasal nerve- cadaveric study
Pages 103
 - 108
Dimorphic comparative histological and histometric study of the lateral and medial knee menisci in male and female human cadavers
Pages 109
 - 123
An exceedingly rare case of separated drainage of the cystic duct, the common bile duct and the main pancreatic duct documented on magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography
Pages 125
 - 129
A systematic literature study of anatomical variations in human lung fissures and hilar structures
Pages 131
 - 143
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