European Journal of Anatomy

Official Journal of The Spanish Society of Anatomy
Cover Volume 1 - Number 2
Eur J Anat, 1 (2): 83-88 (1997)

Evaluation of the expression of argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) in human biopsy samples of benign and malignant breast lesions

s. Carbajo1, T. Flores2 and E. Carbajo-Pérez3

1.Department of Human Anatomy and Histology, Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain 2.Unit of Pathology, Hospital Clínico, Salamanca, Spain 3.Department of Morphology and Ce"Blology, Universidad de Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain

ABSTRACT AgNORexpression was evaluated in benign and malignant biopsy samples of breast tissue. The proportions of eells with a high (type II eells) and low eontent of AgNORs (type I eells) , as direetly identified under the light mieroseope, were ealcu­ lated. The mean area of AgNORs per eell was also calculated for both type I and type II eells. Regard­ less of histologieal features, a strong eorrelation was found between the proportions of type II eells and that of PC-10 immunoreaetive eells (eontin­ geney eoeffieient= 0.76, p

Keywords: AgNORs, PCNA, eell proliferation, breast tissue, malignaney.

European Journal of anatomy
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