European Journal of Anatomy

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Cover Volume 17 - Number 3
Eur J Anat, 17 (3): 159-165 (2013)

Variability of the obturator artery and its surgical implications in a South Indian population

Sumathilatha Sakthivelavan1, Sharmila Aristotle2, Sakthivelavan D.Sendiladibban3 and Christilda F. Jebakkani 2

1Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Porur, Chennai, India, 2SRM Medical College, Chennai, India and 3Hi-tech Medical College, Bhubaneswar, India

ABSTRACT The obturator artery (OBA) is an artery of numerous variations and also of surgical significance. Although it is usually a branch of the internal iliac artery, it may also originate from the external iliac system. This study was aimed at studying the variations of the OBA in its origin, the gender and the side differences in South Indian population. Relation of the OBA of external iliac origin to the femoral ring was also noted in view of its clinical significance. The study was done on 116 pelvic halves obtained from 58 cadavers. The OBA revealed considerable variations in its origin, course and relation to the femoral ring. It took origin from the external iliac artery and its branch, the inferior epigastric artery in 39.7%, inclusive of its dual origin from the external and internal iliac systems. Bilateral origin of the OBA from the external iliac system was noted in 22.4%. It was found to be placed lateral to the femoral ring in 78.2% and it was medial in 21.7% of the specimens. The origin of OBA from the external iliac system of common occurrence has to be viewed with appropriate caution while performing surgical procedures in this region.

Keywords: Obturator artery, Anatomical variations, Surgical practice

European Journal of anatomy
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