TY - JOUR A1 - , T1 - ďAll models are wrong, but some are usefulĒ: On the non-bayesianstatistical robustness of Hiltonís law JO - Eur. J. Anat. SN - 1136-4890 Y1 - 2020 VL - 24 SP - 75 EP - 78 UR - http://www.eurjanat.com/web/paper.php?id=190535aa KW - ahmed.lutfi@uob.edu.iq N2 - Dear Editor,We shall discuss the possibility of a deficit in con-nection to the renowned Hiltonís Law endorsed by the esteemed fellow of the Royal College of Sur-geons, Dr. John Hilton. Hiltonís keen observation and assumption on the innervation patterns of joints remained unchallenged since the 19th centu-ry. Almost 150 years after, we propose putting Hil-tonís Law into a rigor test based on concepts of Non-Bayesian models of statistical inference, pre-dictive analytics, and measures of statistical power and accuracy. ER -