TY - JOUR A1 - , T1 - Hepatoprotective potential of Rumex vesicarius against malathion hepatotoxicity in adult albino rats JO - Eur. J. Anat. SN - 1136-4890 Y1 - 2018 VL - 22 SP - 449 EP - 459 UR - http://www.eurjanat.com/web/paper.php?id=180196mm KW - Malathion Rumex vesicarius L. Liver Histology Electron microscopy N2 - The aim of this work was to elucidate a possible protective role of Rumex vesicarius L. (RV) against malathion (MT)-induced hepatotoxicity in adult male albino rats. Forty-eight adult male albino rats were divided into three groups: Group I (control group), 12 rats, divided into two equal subgroups: subgroup Ia received a single intraperitoneal (ip) dose of ml corn oil. Subgroup Ib received oral RV 200 mg/kg daily. Two rats from each subgroup were sacrificed at one day, seven and 28 days. Group II (MT- treated group) 18 rats, each received a single ip dose of 250 mg/kg MT. They were further divided into three equal subgroups: IIa sacrificed at one day, IIb at seven days and IIc at 28 days. Group III (MT plus RV-treated group) 18 rats, each received a single ip dose of MT plus daily RV orally. They were further divided into three equal subgroups: IIIa sacrificed at one day, IIIb at seven days and IIIc at 28 days. Body (BW) and liver weights were recorded and blood samples were collected for Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and Alkaline phosphatase (ALP). Livers of rats were processed for light and electron microscopic examination.MT administration induced significant decrease in BW and relative liver weights and significant increase in ALT, AST, and ALP levels in addition to histological alterations. Some hepatocytes showed pyknotic nuclei, rarefied, vacuolated, or dark cytoplasm, fat-like droplets with congestion of blood sinusoids and widened space of Disse, appearance of collagenous bundles, abnormal mitochondria with fusion of cytoplasmic organelles in Electron microscopy. Addition of RV to MT in group III significantly improved BW and relative liver weights, biochemical parameters as well as histological picture. MT administration resulted in marked degeneration in the liver that was ameliorated by with concomitant administration of RV. ER -