TY - JOUR A1 - , T1 - Co-existence of circumaortic renal collar, accessory renal artery and anomalous arrangement of hilar structures in the same cadaver: A case report JO - Eur. J. Anat. SN - 1136-4890 Y1 - 2007 VL - 11 SP - 185 EP - 188 UR - http://www.eurjanat.com/web/paper.php?id=07030185 KW - accessory kidney artery KW - adult KW - artery disease KW - article KW - cadaver KW - circumaortic kidney collar KW - human KW - inferior cava vein KW - kidney vein KW - male KW - retroperitoneum KW - ureter KW - vein malformation N2 - Multiple variations in the blood vessels of the kidney were observed during routine dissection of the retroperitoneal region of an elderly male cadaver. A variant drainage pattern of the venous blood from the left kidney was found. It was drained by two renal veins. At the hilum, one was lying in front of the ureter and the other behind. These two were joined by a communicating channel. The anterior vein crossed the aorta, running superficial to it and drained into the IVC but the posterior vein followed a retro-aortic course and drained into the IVC. Thus, the 2 veins formed a circumaortic collar. We also report an accessory renal artery and the anomalous arrangement of hilar structures on the left side. The arrangement of the hilar structures from anterior to posterior was accessory renal artery, anterior renal vein, left renal artery, ureter and the posterior renal vein. Thus, the normal arrangement of renal vein, renal artery and renal pelvis was not seen on the left side. However, all the structures were normal on the right side. ER -